Withdraw Funds Self-Service Refund

We would like to inform you of a new withdrawal funds process for deposits made to the Monyx card. This process will save time, manpower, and give higher customer satisfaction. 


What does this mean?

Users can immediately get a refund to their original means of payment through Monyx, saving manpower and saving long treatment time.


Who will this affect? 

Refunds for deposits that were made only to Monyx card.

Relevant to deposits since 1\11\22 (Important!)


How does it work?

On the Wallet page, click on the Monyx card menu and choose to apply a Refund Request.

Then choose a Refund Reason (a mandatory stage!), and the calculation of the refund available to claim will be shown.

The amount that goes into the payment method consists of topup’s made deducted the bonuses received (and commission in the future). The unavailable amount consists of transactions that have expired according to the terms of use (more than 180 days) or that were made with payment methods that cannot be refunded.

If the user wants to get the refund amount that he is entitled to, click on the CONFIRM button, and a receipt will pop out.

If the user tries to get a refund and doesn’t have enough available balance an error pop-up will appear:

If the refund amount after the deduction of the bonuses received (and commission in the future) leads to a less than zero amount, the user will notify that he is not eligible for a refund.

The refund will be shown on the History page and will have a receipt available.

How can we get the word out?

At first, the users will still approach support and the representative will need to instruct the consumer to submit his self-refund.

In addition, we added an explanation in the Monyx app FAQs that can lead to a self-refund tour.


Additional information

The service is available only in countries where deposits are possible and are cleared with Credorax or PayPal (including Apple Pay & Google Pay).

There is a quantity limit for a refund request.

There is a future plan to charge a commission on this service.


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